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I spend several hours contemplating how i want to draw noses

more doodling

My Pokumun trash OC Trudi and her Pokumun team

She’s several years old and I’m updating her outfit i guess

One of those 5 random facts things from a friend

OH JEEZ I guess since it’s my art blog might as well do art facts

1) I started 3 ish years ago, maybe 3 1/2.
2) I love coloring I just suck at it.
3) I worship my friends’ art.
4) I rarely ever pull anything to completion.
5) I have a difficult time drawing feet and sleeping positions.

barakamon is the most warming healing 

Prussia in no.20 for daydreaminglamb!

doodling ocs that no one knows about keeps me sane

irrelevant chibi of anything happening right now


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

little ai-chan because i don’t know what else to do